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Preparations for Bangkok Conference

Chris Hindal and Chris Brown buzzed around Bangkok, putting the final touches on the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries conference scheduled for November 4–7. This first-ever conference will pull together representatives from the IPFBM to meet for strategic planning.

“Since the GARBC served as the initiating partner 10 years ago, it is important for our association to be well represented,” said Chris Hindal, director of IPFBM. “Pastors of GARBC churches should consider participating in this event.”

Dr. John Greening, GARBC national representative, will kick off the development of the conference theme, “Implementing Partnerships to Fulfill the Biblical Mission,” with the keynote message on Wednesday evening. Messages and helpful workshops will heighten the awareness of the need for partnering to invade the global darkness with the light of the gospel.

“What an opportunity to interact with global practitioners who daily sacrifice to plant reproducing churches,” Hindal said in describing the event.

“As Americans, we are sheltered from the destitute condition of much of the world. Our theology informs us that Jesus Christ is the only answer, but the daily pressures of our personal schedules silence the cries from afar. This conference will challenge our complacency and stir us to close ranks in the battle for truth. Take advantage of this historic first and make plans to meet in Bangkok.”

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