NCARB_inlineYUBA CITY, Calif.—The Northern California Association of Regular Baptist Churches is focused on developing ministries to equip believers for ministry. With that in mind, the association centered its annual conference on evangelism. The conference, held at Grace Baptist Church Oct. 13 and 14, began with presentations from local missionaries and representatives from Awana and Shasta Bible College.

“Wisdom leads to encouragement. Encouragement is needed today, given the environment we minister in,” says Javier Caballero, pastor of Grace Baptist Church and chairman of the NCARB. “Knowing the gospel is effective and powerful to save does not always make it easy to share it with others. Nevertheless, gleaning from the experiences of others who have discerned how to evangelize effectively encourages the saints.”

One of those experienced in evangelism is Pete Mothershead, founder of Balanced Evangelism and author of Showing and Sharing My Faith (Regular Baptist Press). He challenged attendees to consider how God had graciously equipped them to reach the people around them. He reminded everyone that some will plant seeds, others will water, but God gives the increase.

Caballero says, “Many were encouraged by the loving reminder that God is at work in building his church. Many were challenged to participate in the ministry of reconciling men to a gracious and loving God. All were encouraged with the prospect of doing all things for the glory of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.”