Mortgage burning at Good News Baptist, Grand Rapids, Mich.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—Good News Baptist Church celebrated paying off the house and property adjacent to its building. The property, purchased in December 2009 through the faithful donations of its members, was completely paid off in less than two years. The mortgage was burned at the Thanksgiving Praise and Harvest Blessing service on Nov. 20.

Good News Baptist has been in existence since 1936, with its first facility built in 1940. Three additions since 1955 have served the growing congregation. Now the house adjacent to its building accommodates missionaries who are home on furlough. Eventually the church’s garage and supplies that the congregation packs for medical missions at Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh will be moved to the property, freeing up space to further expand its facility.

Pictured are Stacey Johnson, trustee board chair; Russ Molag, deacon board chair; and Karl Pike, pastor.