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‘Memory Man’ Shows How to Memorize Scripture

Tom Meyer, The Memory Man

NORTH LAUDERDALE, Fla.—Broadview Baptist Church hosted a Scripture memorization event Jan. 22. Tom Meyer of Wordsower Ministries enthralled the congregation by reciting from memory Genesis 1—11 and the entire book of Revelation.

After hearing God’s Word recited at a GARBC conference several years ago, Pastor Jeff Snyder wanted his congregation to have the same experience. He says that hearing God’s Word recited causes a person to realize how personal the Bible is. “It’s like God speaking to you directly (which it is). It’s something you don’t quite get when you read it off the page.”

Pastor Snyder is hoping Meyer’s recitation encourages greater participation in Broadview’s church-wide memorization program: “I’m hoping people will start memorizing for themselves—not just for a contest but from a desire to see God’s Word memorized in their own life,” he says. The church has used the Awana Club’s Truth Scripts program for about eight years. Sunday night, those who had memorized 1 John 1 received awards for their accomplishment.

Tom Meyer, dubbed “The Memory Man,” has visited several South Florida churches, including Westgate Baptist in Plantation, a sister GARBC church, and will be at Shepherd Road Baptist Church, Mulberry, Fla., the morning of Jan. 29. After reading about Meyer in the Florida Sun Sentinel, many visitors came to hear him speak at Broadview. Pastor Snyder says attendance nearly doubled Sunday morning, and even more visitors came Sunday night. These visits will provide follow-up opportunities with guests, such as a woman who has been looking for a church and said she would be back the next Sunday.

During Sunday School, Meyer shared his strategies for memorizing Scripture, which have both visual and auditory elements. Using these strategies, he has memorized and can recite 10 entire books of the Bible.

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