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Honoring Veterans

By June 8, 2007June 17th, 2014No Comments

Sierra Baptist Church in Newcastle, California, displayed their love for their community Murdoch at Sierraand their patriotism this Memorial Day. Every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, the church holds an annual event that illustrates through a patriotic theme that God is the Author of liberty. The community is invited to take part in this moving service that pays honor to God and to those who have served in the military. Names of deceased family members, community members, and friends who have served in the military are solemnly read with the ringing of a large bell for each fallen soldier. Several tears were shed. Chaplain John Murdoch presented special music and a message. After the service, a “pot-providence” dinner was provided for those in attendance. Chaplain Murdoch shared more special music and highlighted the GARBC chaplaincy ministry. The service and dinner was a great way to celebrate the purpose of Memorial Day.

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