“Leaders Take the First Step” was the theme of Baptist Bible College’s Growing Leaders Conference 2008. “Most leadership conferences deal with established leadership, assuming that those attending are already leaders,” states Jonathan Strayer, conference director. “Noticing a decline in leadership in churches, high schools, and colleges across the nation, we decided to tackle the fears of leadership: risk, failure, doubt, and endurance. True and godly leaders must take the first step through risk; the first step to overcome failure; the first step in faith and out of doubt; and then on to the second, third, fourth steps, and so on to finish strong in what task God has given them.”

Founded in 1998 by BBC’s dean of students, Matt Pollock, and student council officer, Paul McGuinness, BBC’s Growing Leaders Conference has continued to motivate high school students to take significant strides in leadership. This year’s keynote speakers were Dr. Jim Lytle, Andy Giessman, and Vision for Youth’s Mel Walker. These men, combined with workshops and focus groups, challenged the students and advisors to take the necessary steps to be the leaders that God wants them to be in their schools, churches, and communities.