2014-Christmas-leadSCHAUMBURG, Ill.—Staff at the GARBC Resource Center celebrated Christmas with praise, laughter, songs, encouraging comments from the Word, games, and a catered barbeque during an onsite “Country Christmas” party.

A highlight of the event was the honoring of 13 workers who received awards for their years of service—a combined total of 195 years. John Greening, GARBC national representative, expressed his appreciation for their dedication, saying, “You are a great team of dedicated workers whose hearts are committed to serving churches.”

Employees receiving awards for their years of GARBC service:

5 Years
Sandy Deacon, customer service representative
Jon Norris, RBP marketing project coordinator
Seth Olson, marketing assistant
Josh Smith, network administrator

10 Years
Dave Levin, warehouse distributor

15 Years
Steve Kerr, art director
Nancy Makiling, production coordinator
John Murdoch, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries

20 Years
Jonathan Elechicon, warehouse distribution manager

25 Years
Jonita Barram, copy editor and assistant editor of the Baptist Bulletin
Norm Olson, senior editor of the Baptist Bulletin
Terry Powell, graphic designer

30 Years
Marianne Baltensperger, receptionist/administrative assistant

At the party’s conclusion, John Greening expressed his thanks to the staff quality council who organized this celebration and sponsors social events throughout the year for their GARBC coworkers.