John and Scott Greening at Great Commission Baptist Church, Schaumburg, Ill.

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—GARBC National Representative John Greening has invited church leaders with a passion for multiplying churches to join him in a “church-planting cohort” that will meet monthly online, beginning Feb. 9.

Greening and his son, Scott, pastor of Great Commission Baptist Church, a church plant in Schaumburg, will host the forum, which connects colleagues in the GARBC network for prayer, idea sharing, and problem solving. Participants will learn more about church planting while helping and encouraging church planters.

Pastor Sidney Capillas is planting Northside Harvest Baptist Church in San Jose, Calif. He plans to join the forum, in part, to find out from others the best way to reach out to and work in a multiethnic community. He says, “I believe we can all benefit from being able to share and discuss common issues and learn and apply ideas from each other.”

Pastor Capillas also says one of the greatest things pastors can do for church planters is “provide encouragement through regular contact.” The GARBC church-planting cohort and its online forum will help meet that need. The GARBC can support church-planting efforts, says Pastor Capillas, through prayer, continuing education, and networking. The GARBC has endeavored to do this in a variety of ways, including emphasizing church planting in its publications, providing resources through Baptist Builders Club, and highlighting church planting during the GARBC Conference each year. And now the GARBC is facilitating interaction among church planters through this “cohorts” online forum. All GARBC pastors, fellow pastors, and church planters are invited to take part.