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Making disciples through healthy local churches

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches

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Leading a ministry on your own can be complex.

As a church pastor or ministry leader, you want to grow your church or ministry and disciple others to become better followers of Christ. But as responsibilities pile up and overwhelm you, it’s easy to get distracted from the mission at hand.

Without the right support system, you may end up:

Feeling isolated and disconnected from others.
Disillusioned and discouraged by your ministry.
Losing hope and enthusiasm for God's work in your life.

God never intended for you to do ministry alone.

Preaching, teaching God’s Word, and discipling others must remain our constant focus. You need fellowship and resources that assist you in your ministry of making disciples!

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The GARBC can help you navigate the challenges of ministry.

Get Resources

Be equipped with tools and resources that free you to focus on your ministry and do the everyday work of discipleship and leadership.

Find Community

Connect with others in your area and find support from other churches and leaders who understand where you are and what you’re facing.

Ignite Revitalization

Become a healthier church body with renewed purpose as you share the gospel to make disciples in your community and around the globe.

You don’t have to stay limited by the four walls of your church or ministry.

Join the GARBC and be a part of something greater!

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Ready to take the next step?

1. Book a free call with David

Book a 20-minute call with Dr. David Strope, our interim national representative, to get more insight into how we can help you move forward.

2. Get equipped with resources

Receive the help of various tools and resources to help you grow your church and ministry.

3. Revitalize your church and ministry

Join other ministries as a fellowshipping church (it’s free to join!) and be a part of a community working to transform our world with the gospel.

Whether you need help with church revitalization, finding community with other local leaders, or want to get involved with church planting, chat with David and find out how we can help you get started.

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Why the GARBC?

We are built on the Word of God and are an association of churches, the very institution that Christ Himself promised to build. Founded in 1932, we remain steadfast in the belief and practice of the teaching of the Scriptures. Let us help you with the daily challenges of ministry and connect you with other leaders.

  • Countless lives reached with the gospel

  • Thousands of pastors trained

  • Numerous missionaries sent out to share the gospel


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