Women's Retreat Teaches Bible Study Skills

Weekend of Events Marks Church's 125th Anniversary

Three Ways to Live Out Your Heavenly Citizenship

Longtime Pastor Shares Lessons He Learned for Ministry

Hindals Retire from Regular Baptist International

Decade of Ministry Sees Fruitful Revitalization Efforts

Ministry Highlights

Latest Blogs/Commentary

  • Murky Waters, Murky Minds

    Murky Waters, Murky Minds

    In order to have a Biblically clear mind, we need a Biblically developed worldview filter that can sort out the good from the bad, the ...more

  • No Fear This School Year

    No Fear This School Year

    If you are fearful entering this school year, then turn to God’s Word for hope. Within the pages of the Bible, there are precious promises ...more

Educational Resources

  • Prepare Children to Carry on the Faith

    Prepare Children to Carry on the Faith

    If the church fails to teach both what we believe and why we believe it, our children will look for answers in other places. As Christians, we want children to get their answers from God’s Word, not the world. Doctrine helps children develop a God-focused outlook, especially doctrine about God ...more