Faith Baptist Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Children from India Thank Regular Baptist Press for Curriculum

Baptist Bulletin Podcast: Developing an Evangelistic Environment in the Church

Heritage Baptist Church Marks 50 Years of Ministry

Church Holds Annual Service in a Park

Children Receive Jesus as Savior at the Evangelistic VBS™

Ministry Highlights

  • RBP 2019 Annual Report

    RBP 2019 Annual Report

    This year has been both challenging and rewarding for RBP. The work on the Strong Kids curriculum revision has occupied a great deal of energy ...more

Latest Blogs/Commentary

  • My Grandpa’s “Worry Gene”

    My Grandpa’s “Worry Gene”

    While it is true that believers may struggle with sins, those sins should no longer define the believer: we must cease being what we were ...more

Educational Resources

  • Don't Trash Your VBS Decorations

    Don't Trash Your VBS Decorations

    Your students loved riding into Giddyup Junction, and the decorations were a big part of taking them out West. But it’s true—what goes up for VBS must come down. After VBS, what do you do with all those crepe paper and cowboy decorations? Well, what you have stapled and taped in front of you is an opportunity. Many of those ...more

  • Demons Book Gets Endorsement from Word of Life

    Demons Book Gets Endorsement from Word of Life

    Author Alex Konya, director of Word of Life Europe and Eurasia, and Paul Weaver, academic dean of the Word of Life Global Bible Institute, recently talked about Alex’s book, Demons: A Biblically Based Perspective on WOL’s Learn the Word podcast. Konya, who pastored for 16 years before becoming a WOL missionary to Hungary, wrote Demons in part because others had asked ...more