Photo by Dave Soldano (used under Creative Commons)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—“I’m looking out my window, and there is a huge plume of smoke,” says Pastor Stan Lightfoot of Rustic Hills Baptist Church as he talks by phone to Michael Nolan, director of Baptist Builders Club, on June 13.

Dozens of Rustic Hills church families have been affected, are on evacuation alert, or have been evacuated. In two cases, homes have been totally lost to the flames.

Michael says, “The church will be reaching out to their neighbors, and they are coming together with sweat equity and financial equity. They are planning ahead, may need financial assistance, and will possibly need some teams to come and help. But they will not know for another two to three weeks, because the fire is still active.”

BBC–USA will be sending Why? booklets, first published after 9/11 for Gospel Literature Services, to assist with ministering to the community. After a proper assessment has been made, determining the exact kind of physical labor and finances needed, more action can be taken. BBC–USA is once again getting “ready now.” Michael says, “We are already praying and asking sister churches to join us.”

Baptist Builders Club is your GARBC fellowship in action: Ready to pray, ready to give, ready to go!