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Discipleship the Focus at Fall Conference

NEWARK VALLEY, N.Y— “Discipleship: What’s It All About?” was the theme of the 2009 Fall Conference of the Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches. 

Some 325 messengers from 91 churches gathered Oct. 19 and 20 at First Baptist Church to hear Dr. Gary Anderson, president of Baptist Mid-Missions. Dr. Anderson emphasized that, first and foremost, a Christian needs to be a follower of Christ before he is able to disciple others. He developed the theme by using numerous illustrations from contacts with missionaries around the world. Nate Watkins (BMM), who formerly served in Liberia and will soon be starting a church on Staten Island among Liberians, challenged guests to be more concerned for the lost of this world.

Numerous videos of interest to the fellowship were shown. The fellowship honored three individuals, including Thelma Strope (secretary for 45 years), Dianne Shellhammer (treasurer for 8 years and who is moving to Maryland), and Don LeMaster (pastor at Brooklyn), who was given the Fellowship Faithful Award. Bradley Oliver, a ninth grader from Central Baptist in Binghamton, excited the hearts of the attendees with his “award-winning” message. The attendees also enjoyed delicious meals served by the host church, glorious singing, and meaningful interchurch fellowship of Regular Baptists from all across New York. From beginning to ending, the two-day conference was blessed by God.

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