FLINT, Mich.—South Baptist Church celebrated Larry and Kim Burk’s 20 years of faithful ministry. In 1990, Larry came to serve as the music and worship pastor. In addition, he has provided leadership in Christian education, children’s ministry, men’s ministry, internships, website development, and media and video technology.

The celebration day was filled with music and remembrances. In the morning service, the church honored Pastor Burk by doing what he is most passionate about—worshiping God. In the evening service, the church reviewed his years of ministry with video, pictures, and testimonies. Larry received an extra week of vacation, a generous gift from the congregation, $700 to replace his 20-year-old office furniture, a piece of astronomy artwork (Larry loves astronomy), and several other personal gifts.

South Baptist considers itself blessed beyond measure to have had Larry Burk as one of its pastors for the past 20 years.