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Council of 18 Meetings

The GARBC Council of Eighteen recently concluded an excellent three-day working meeting at the Ministry Resource Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.

In the opening session John Greening presented the National Representative’s report, highlighting the good things that the Lord is doing through the Association’s ministry. The Council members then met in committees to discuss areas such as the Annual Conference, church assistance, church recruitment and retention, international ministries, chaplaincy, youth, finances, publications, personnel, resolutions, and policies.

Through their work in these committees, Council members gave guidance to the operation of the GARBC ministries. The focus of the assignments was on proactive solutions and initiatives. There was much lively discussion and creative input. Praise the Lord for this godly enthusiastic group that loves the Lord, each other, and the Association churches!

The meetings concluded with excellent presentations by three of our staff informing the Council about recent website advancements, the prospect of digital resources for church education, and the exciting new RBP children’s curriculum that our children’s ministries team is developing. The Council members left with assignments that will be carried out over the next several months.

Keep this group of elected servants in your prayers as they provide leadership and oversight to the GARBC.

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