MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa—Calvary Baptist Church hosted a women’s conference Sat., May 2, with the theme, “The Biblical View” (Hebrews 5:14). “Man on the street interviews” opened each of three sessions addressing these questions: “Creation: Why are we here (on this planet)?”; “The Fall: Why is life so hard?” and “Redemption: Is there a Divine purpose for my life?” The speakers were Laurie Dutton of Faith Baptist Church, Lafayette, Ind.; Dianne De Cleene of Saylorville Baptist Church, Des Moines; and Charlotte Bunge of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Des Moines. Sherry Van Hooser, director of women’s ministries at Calvary Baptist, led a panel discussion with the speakers and Marcee Reno of Calvary Baptist to address hot topics. The 100-plus ladies who attended enjoyed a “trail mix buffet” in colorful paper cones for morning refreshments. A giveaway of books and CDs rounded out the day. The goal of the conference was to encourage ladies to think Biblically about the relevant issues of our day and to have a Biblical worldview.