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Christmas Creations

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Christmas Creations at First Bapt., Arlington Hts., Ill.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Guests could feel the excitement in the air as ladies from around the northwest suburbs of Chicago gathered at First Baptist Church for the fifth annual evening of Christmas Creations.

The idea grew out of conversation with the ladies’ ministries team years before. “The Christmas banquets we had done for several years had lost their appeal. We wanted our church ladies to feel comfortable inviting family and friends to something special,” says Valerie Wilson. “Let’s do a bunch of workshops on anything related to Christmas,” was the suggestion. “And let’s make sure we find a way to present the message of Christmas as well.” So Christmas Creations was born.

Each year the ladies choose to attend four of six practical workshops. Topics have included everything Christmas: food, decorations, children’s crafts, ornaments, hostess gifts, family photos, candles. “I love the variety of things to choose from,” said Susana. “I learn something new every year,” Rose added.

Midway through the evening the ladies enjoyed delicious cookies and punch or hot cider. “This is a great time to connect with friends,” one lady observed. This break also includes a group carol or two, special music by ladies from the church, and a brief Christmas message with a gospel presentation.

Each lady is asked to fill out a feedback card with contact information so the church can follow up on attendees and plan for next year’s event. The cards are also compiled and used to draw names for gifts provided by the various presenters. “When this year’s cards were counted, we discovered we had ministered to 60 ladies—and one-third of them were guests of our church ladies!” Valerie says.

“I couldn’t attend in person,” a lady told Valerie, “but I prayed for you all evening.” “That’s what makes Christmas Creations work!” Valerie says. “Many people pray; the ladies invite; some ladies (and occasionally a man) use their talents as presenters; and God blesses this outreach effort for His glory.”

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