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Christmas Cantata in Pavilion, New York

By December 22, 2006June 17th, 2014No Comments

On December 16th and 17th the First Baptist Church choir of Pavilion, New York performed its first Christmas cantata in Cantata Flier10 years. Pastor Phil Green directed the 11-member choir in Christmas at Home by Ron and Shelly Hamilton for a combined audience of about 130 people for the two performances.

Pastor Green, who has been at First Baptist about three years, said that low attendance in the past prevented the choir from continuing, but that a recent increase allowed the choir to re-start again about a year ago. “We decided to have a Christmas cantata this year because we saw a need to give the gospel to a lost and dying generation,” he said. “Our idea was that through music and a readers theater setting we could give the gospel in an alternative setting to that of a preaching service.”

First Baptist, which has an average Sunday morning attendance of about 95 people, used 18 individuals for the production, including four cast members, pianist, director, choir members and an audiovisual director.

Pastor Green was happy to report that after one of the performances, one girl raised her hand indicating that she had prayed to ask the Lord to save her. “That one soul made all the work worth it,” he said.

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