SANTA MONICA, Calif.—Pastor Russ Boone reports that Bible Baptist Church has started up its Creationeers program again, and for the next few months participants will be studying “Wind and Weather.” Tom Baker, assistant pastor, operates the Creationeers program. A recent day’s format went as follows:

10:30–11:15: Tom gave a PowerPoint presentation on the earth’s atmosphere and the different types of clouds to show the greatness of God’s designs.

11:15–11:20: Mrs. Boone led a simple hands-on experiment, with the kids using plastic wrap to understand why clouds are white.

11:20–11:40: Pastor Boone gave a Bible lesson about Elijah on Mount Carmel, emphasizing the part in which the prophet prayed for rain and God sent a small cloud. The point was to show that God is in control of the clouds and weather.

11:40–12:00: The kids put together a chart explaining the different types of clouds.

12:00–2:30: Everyone went to a local hiking trail to observe the clouds. Fellowship and a picnic followed.

Parents usually stay with their kids during the meetings. For the last two meetings, an unsaved Jewish boy came for the hiking part. His parents dropped him off. That has been encouraging.

The church’s Bibleland Adventure (a VBS-type program) follows the Creationeers program.