NORTH LAUDERDALE, Fla.—In February, while much of the country was still experiencing winter, Broadview Baptist Church took advantage of temperatures in the low 80’s to hold a free car wash. It was an outreach event designed to serve the neighbors, let them know about services, and most importantly, share the love of Jesus with them.

Nearly half of the congregation showed up to help with the event. Participants ranged in age from toddlers to retirees. Some church members sat with the visitors and talked with them to help them feel welcome, while some held signs, others worked in the nursery, another grilled hot dogs for the guests, and many washed cars. All guests received tracts written by Pastor Jeff Snyder, which included the plan of salvation, a list of church services, and a map to remind them of the location.

Even people without cars, including some homeless men, stopped by for the free hot dogs. One of those men had attended an outreach event last year, “so it was good to see him again,” says Pastor Snyder.

Children were invited to the church’s Awana program and given information to take home to their parents.

In four hours, the volunteers washed approximately 20 cars and served several dozen hot dogs. “Best of all,” says¬†Pastor Snyder, “the congregation shared the Word of Christ and His love with other residents of North Lauderdale.”