Horsehead Teens SubwayBROOKLYN, N.Y.The youth group from First Baptist Church, Horseheads, New York, has returned from a missions trip to Brooklyn Baptist Church, where they organized a community block party.

“We knew that it was not about us from the beginning,” said Youth Pastor Ben Finch, “but the more we ministered, the more we realized the potential for God to do something big in and through us.”

The teens had what Pastor Ben calls “experiences far outside their comfort zone” as they organized the block party, ministered to a drunk man on the streets, passed out flyers around the neighborhood, and helped with a Vacation Bible School program.

Horsehead TeensOn Tuesday of the trip, the teens visited the set of the Today Show in Manhattan and met host Matt Lauer (left). When Al Roker noticed their matching green shirts, he ended up interviewing them on the air.

Pastor Ben has seen several benefits for the teens on the trip, noting, “They experienced God working in and through them, and that experience has permeated our group and our church through the students’ testimony. Only God knows the seeds planted and the hearts touched in Brooklyn, but we know that 21 lives were touched and changed from First Baptist Church.”