Walnut-CA1WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—In just five weeks, God revitalized First Baptist Church through “Bible Days: Spread the Word,” an outreach and church-growth program based on setting goals.

Over 50 church members signed up for the prayer team, praying almost around the clock for God’s blessing on this program. Then church members delivered 1,458 invitations, each with a gospel booklet, greatly surpassing their goal of 300. As a result, visitors attended services each Sunday for 11 consecutive weeks, and two new families joined the church.

Pastor Shawn Hull of First Baptist, Walnut Creek, Calif.

Pastor Shawn Hull of First Baptist, Walnut Creek, Calif.

Members also challenged themselves to bring their Bibles to church, with a goal of 401 Bibles, but they exceeded that number with a total 538. Another goal was for the combined church family to read 700 chapters of Scripture during one week, and they ended up reading 1,287 chapters. Missions was also a focus of the program. Church members aimed to give $339 for Bibles that would be sent to an international ministry; they gave $1,736 worth of Bibles to Kenya through Gospel Literature Services.

Pastor Shawn Hull and Pastor Emeritus Mel Jones were so excited with God’s blessings that they designated a sixth Sunday as “Celebration Sunday.”

Ten sister churches are now considering using the program. First Baptist Church gathered its Bible Days materials into a complete, easy-to-understand packet. “Your satisfaction is guaranteed!” says Pastor Jones. For information or to purchase a packet, contact Pastor Mel Jones at melj925@aol.com or 925-687-5674.