JASPER, Indiana—Thank you to Fellowship Baptist Church, who recently subscribed to the Baptist Bulletin group plan.

“It is the easiest way to keep people attached with other people in the Association and to keep up their appreciation for it,” said Pastor David King, who is in his fourth year of ministry at the church.

Dave grew up reading the magazine; his father, Bob, is a former pastor and now a field representative for Regular Baptist Press.

David says his interest in the magazine was rekindled when reading “Emerging Church Is Leading Protestants Back to Rome” (August/September 2007), because it addressed issues in his own community. Dave also cited the annual conference issues and “The Blogging Pastor” (March/April 2008) as being valuable for his ministry, so much so that he encouraged his church to join the group subscription plan.

Find out more information about our individual and group subscription plans, or call Lynne Goemaat toll-free at 888-588-1600, ext. 833.