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Wondering about that mountain of magazines in your basement? Since January 2008 marks an important anniversary (see “Seventy-Five Years and Counting”), we thought it would be good to include a few bits for all of our readers who are librarians (pack rats?) at heart:

  • The Bulletin was the official name from January 1933 to February 1934, with the word “Baptist” finally being added in March 1934.
  • The Baptist Bulletin for Bible-Believing Baptists was the official name from October 1935 to January 1944.
  • The volumes for October 1941 to March 1946 were published by “The General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (North),” after which the “North” designation was dropped.
  • Our name is not original with us. In years past, other publications were known as the Nevada-Sierra Baptist Bulletin, the New Jersey Baptist Bulletin, the Michigan Baptist Bulletin, and the South Dakota Baptist Bulletin. There were even Baptist Bulletins in Burma and Iberia—but none of these had any connection to the GARBC.
  • The editorial staff has assigned the January/February 2008 edition a new number: Volume 74, Number 1. This changes our previous convention of starting the new volume year in June or July.
  • The January 1933 issue was given the desig­nation of Volume One, Number One, but the sequence was inexplicably restarted with another Volume One, Number One for the June/July 1935 issue. This explains why our current volume number is not seventy-six.
  • There are at least six complete seventy-five-year sets of the Baptist Bulletin, four at college and university libraries and two in our editorial offices. If readers are aware of other significant collections of Baptist Bulletin magazines, please contact us using the e-mail form.