AdamsRoad1FORT MYERS, Fla.—Walking down “Adam’s road” (Romans 5:12, 14), under condemnation and entrapped by religion, first Micah Wilder and then his brother Matt and their friend Joe Warren came to the Cross. “On this road,” they say, “we must decide as individuals whether or not to accept God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.” So when the three formed a Christian band, they took the name Adam’s Road.

The band has traveled throughout the country, recently holding a concert at Daniels Road Baptist Church. Although the church enjoyed the band’s music, the group’s lasting impact, they say, will be their testimonies. “The message was clear: Jesus Christ is enough!” writes Jennifer Caves. Associate Pastor Isaac Denton says, “Their testimony, their story, is just a powerful message that resonates with so many people.” Their ministry reinforced the “realization that faith and trusting in Christ is what it’s all about and not about working toward your salvation.”

AdamsRoad2The band’s story begins with Micah, who had gone to Florida as a Mormon missionary. Zealously he tried to convert a Baptist pastor. The pastor listened to all Micah said and offered this challenge: “If you want to know the truth, just read the Bible as a child.” For Micah, those words began 18 months of Bible reading that ended at the Cross. His salvation had serious repercussions for him and his solidly Mormon family; nevertheless, each one of them came to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Although Micah was challenged by a Baptist, the members of Adam’s Road and their ministry are nondenominational.

The band’s ministry is unique in that they own their own record label and provide all of their music free of charge. With their families, they also own Edgewater Hotel, a bed-and-breakfast in Winter Garden, Fla. This “beautifully restored 1900s-era hotel” supports the ministry and allows the band to give their music away. In fact, it was through a man from Daniels Road Baptist staying at Edgewater Hotel that the church learned about the band.

Adam’s Road says that in light of their personal backgrounds, they seek to share with others “the freedom that is in Christ’s grace (John 8:31–32). Along with reaching out to those trapped in religion, we reach out to all unsaved people with the Good News of Christ Jesus.” They hope their music and lyrics will help those in darkness come to Jesus Christ, the Light and Truth.