The title of Will’s recent post, Don’t Waste Your Cancer, comes from one of several variations on the theme “Don’t Waste Your . . .” from John Piper and others associated with him. I would encourage you to watch Piper’s “Decide to Abandon Retirement as the Reward for Your Life,” which calls us to continue serving God in our old age rather than retiring to a life of shuffleboard and golf. As I watched this clip, I thought of my own grandfather, Eldon Brock.

Grandpa was a Baptist pastor for 20 years in New York and Michigan before becoming director of Lake Ann Camp in Lake Ann, Mich., in 1971. He served as camp director for 20 years before “retiring” in 1992. What has he done since he “retired”?

  • In 1996, he founded Closed Door Ministries, which “empowers national believers to reach their own in the lands of the persecuted church.” In 2004, CDM was handed off to its current president, Dr. Philip McDonald.
  • In 2006, he formed Ethnic to Ethnic Ministries, “assisting churches to disciple US ethnic people to evangelize unreached people groups worldwide.”

Grandpa continues to challenge people, both in person and on his blog (wow . . . my grandpa has a blog!), to reach people of other ethnicities for Christ. I am thankful for the godly example of my own grandfather and hope that God will also enable me to be faithful in serving Him for as long as I live.

Do you know someone who hasn’t wasted his retirement?