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Women’s Conference Presents ‘The God of No Loopholes’

By April 1, 2016April 5th, 2016No Comments

Willinboro_inlineWILLINGBORO, N.J.—Each year First Baptist Church hosts a women’s conference as an outreach to the unsaved or unchurched people in the women’s lives. And each year the conference attendance grows, with guests coming from Pennsylvania and New York in addition to the church’s own community. This year 350 ladies attended March 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The director of music and arts, Cindi Decker, opens the conference with worship to prepare ladies’ hearts for the message. Then a guest speaker shares the Word of God, how He has worked in that person’s life, and how to live through faith in Him daily.

In her presentation “The God of No Loopholes,” Sylane Mack shared a message of God’s love and faithfulness in all of life’s circumstances. Mack, a victim of incest and rape throughout her preteen years, told how God transformed her life. She first heard the Word of God at an overnight Bible camp, which she and her siblings were sent to in order to get them out of the house for a week. Eventually all of her siblings and parents were saved. God works miracles, she says.

After the first session, guests dine together (served by the men and teens) at tables that have been individually designed by attendees—hence the conference’s name “Dine by Design.”

Gloria Meeks credits Pastor Gary Tum Suden with the church’s active involvement in the women’s conference. She says, “How blessed we are to have an energetic and supportive pastor like Pastor Gary and a team willing to follow him because they love the Lord.”