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Women Attend LYFE Conference Online

Sherry Boykin refers to the widow in 1 Kings 17 who was gathering sticks when she met Elijah. The widow used the last of her oil and flour to make bread for him.

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.—Clarks Summit University hosted its LYFE Women’s Conference online May 30. The LYFE conference, meaning Living Your Faith Everyday, had originally been planned as a two-day event on the campus but was moved to a one-day simulcast due to the spread of the coronavirus.

“The LYFE Women’s Conference is the highlight of the year” for many women, says Diane Lytle, conference director. Women appreciate the conference’s “solid teaching from God’s Word” and “the chance to take a breath, relax, and learn,” she says.

In three online sessions, women studied the theme “I AM” with speakers Sherry Boykin, Sherrie Holloway, and Joanna Arp. “At a time when circumstances feel more uncertain than ever, we will direct our focus on the One who is constant and caring,” Diane says. “When we choose to look on the character of Christ, we can be confident in our great I AM.” The name I AM reminds us that God is eternal and unchanging, “not bound by time and circumstance,” Diane says. “The great I AM is already the God of our future and our hope.”

After each session, LYFE group leaders facilitated discussions in small groups online. Attendees thanked Diane and the speakers for hosting the  conference, even in its condensed form, rather than canceling it. Attendee Marsha Hasseler says, “The reminder of focusing on our Lord, rather than what is around us, was such a blessing.”