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Wisconsin Churches Meet for Fall Conference

KIEL, Wis.—The Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches met for its Fall Conference Oct. 6–7 at First Baptist Church. “All who attended were challenged through excellent Biblical preaching and teaching on the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper by speakers Jeremy Scott, Joel Smith, and Robert Sweatt,” says Steve Abrams, pastor of First Baptist Church.

Jeremy Scott is the state educator for the WARBC; Joel Smith is pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church of Navarino, Shiocton, Wisconsin; and Robert Sweatt is assistant pastor of First Baptist Church, Hartland, Wisconsin.

The conference aimed to give people a new appreciation for the Lord’s Supper. “The Lord’s Supper is often observed with little explanation other than that it is a reminder of Jesus’ death,” the conference organizers state. Rather, “the Lord’s Supper is a beautiful gift to the church from Jesus Christ. . . . The symbolism found at the Lord’s Table is rich and robust.”

Abrams says the conference “was a feast for the soul for all who attended and testified to the energy and focus that Jon Jenks (state representative), Steve Schultz (state builder), and Jeremy Scott (state educator) bring to Wisconsin.”