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Walnut Ridge Baptist Celebrates 125th Anniversary

John Greening speaks at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church.

WATERLOO, Iowa—Walnut Ridge Baptist Church celebrated its 125th anniversary.

Pastors of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches attended a banquet at the church Oct. 2 with speaker Dave Tebbenkamp, pastor of First Baptist Church, Creston, Iowa.

The next morning, the worship service included speakers Tim Capon, state representative of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches, and John Greening, retired GARBC national representative who began his ministry as youth pastor at Walnut Ridge.

“What does faithfulness look like?” John asked, speaking on “A Pledge of Ministry Faithfulness” from Hebrews 10:5–10. Jesus Christ is a flesh-and-blood example of faithfulness, John said. From Christ, we learn that faithfulness is marked by humility, self-sacrifice, obedience, and mercy. These same marks of faithfulness should characterize our own ministries, John said.

After the morning service, the church family gathered for lunch. That evening Mike Augsburger spoke in the worship service. Mike is pastor of Soteria Des Moines in West Des Moines and a contributing author in The Pastor: A Guide for God’s Faithful Servant.

On both days, the church family, friends, and neighbors were invited to see items and photos from the church’s history on display in the building.

Tom Hlad has been pastor of the church since 2015. “Here at Walnut Ridge we seek to be a flourishing family that is glorifying God—by abiding in the love of Christ, nourishing one another with the Word, and bearing good fruit in the world. Our heart is to see people come to know Christ as their Savior,” Tom says.

“What a faithful God we have,” Tom says. “God has led us and guided us through these 125 years, and we look forward to what God is doing today and what He will do in the future.”