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Students Enjoy Baseball Theme Event at Kids4Truth Clubs

WESTWOOD, Kansas—Olivet Baptist Church invited Marrena Ralph, Kids4Truth Clubs specialist, to lead a special Kids4Truth Clubs event. This is the first year that Olivet Baptist has used the Kids4Truth Clubs program. The program’s director, Becky, says that the event was the church’s largest attended Kids4Truth Clubs night of the year, which surprised her because the date fell on the first day of the students’ spring break.

To promote the event, Marrena asked Becky to encourage the students to dress up in baseball shirts and hats for the special night. Marrena and her husband, Rusty, led the program. They taught a Bible lesson, taught a memory verse by using the new Build a Verse Team Race memory game, led a short small group time, and conducted a Ballpark Fun review game. (Register at to view these free resources.)

Marrena and Rusty enjoyed getting to know the students and workers and look forward to leading another event night for the church next year.