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Student Christmas Program Presents Mary’s Experiences

LINCOLN, Neb.—Temple Baptist Church presented a Christmas program called “My Name Is Mary” Dec. 13.

Students in the primary, junior, junior high, and senior high classes portrayed the incarnation of Jesus as told by His mother, Mary, looking back on her experiences. Among other things, she recalled Gabriel’s visit to her, the birth of Jesus, raising Him through childhood, and witnessing His death on the cross.

Mary was “an ordinary woman, nothing special or divine about her, yet one who walked with God,” says Pastor Jeremy Penrod. Mary was “chosen for a special purpose, maybe the hardest task of all time,” he says. Yet she “followed in obedience” what God had designed for her.

Jeremy prayed that the performance would challenge viewers to also follow God in obedience, being servants ready for God to use in any capacity that He calls them to serve in.

The church livestreamed the performance, enabling not just the church family but also actors’ relatives living far away to watch online.