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Presentation of Jesus Christ Reaches Thousands at Christmas

WINTER HAVEN, Fla.—Thousands of community people attended a Christmas presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by Faith Baptist Church on December 15–16. In response to the church praying about the event for months in advance, God provided not only visitors, but evenings that were clear and cool. Presented in the setting of a hillside and Spirit Lake as the backdrop, nearly three-hundred church members told the story of the birth of Jesus. For a number of years, Pastor Nathan Osborne III had shared his vision for this event and the church responded this past season. Those who participated, including the leadership team, actors representing the main characters, shepherds and heavenly hosts, singers, car attendants, ushers, production crew, and medical team, created an impact for Christ in the Winter Haven community. The camels, donkey, and the amazing fireworks were just a few of the special touches, but it was the grace of God that made this production successful. The presentation featured the story of the birth of Christ and guests were invited to respond to Christ’s offer of salvation. A significant impact also took place in the lives of church members as they carried out this pastor-led vision and became part of something bigger than their individual selves. For all of the planning, work, rehearsals, and cost, a thrilling outcome is that church members stood in the public square and displayed faith and trust in the Word of God.