BrennenLaw_inlinePlease be in prayer for the family of Chris Law, pastor of First Baptist Church, Cambria, Calif. Chris and Jennifer Law’s 6-year-old son, Brennen, was diagnosed with Leukemia on Dec. 4 and began treatment Dec. 8. Chris says, “Please remember our son and family in prayer as we begin walking down this road. We are confident that we do not walk it alone. God is good and faithful and we trust His plan.”

Brennen had a Mediport put in to receive medication and have blood drawn. Jennifer says, “Brennen is happy because it means ‘no more pokes.’”

He was released from the hospital on Dec. 15. Chris says, “We are thankful to be back together as a family and that he has been feeling pretty good. He has minor pain and discomfort, which we are trying to manage. He is still getting used to having the Mediport in as well as taking the needed medicine at home.”

A clinic visit, blood tests, and more chemo will take place the next two Mondays. Then on Jan. 5 Brennen will have another bone marrow biopsy that will determine the next phase of his treatment.

Chris says, “Please pray that the Lord will protect him from any sickness that could potentially send him back into the hospital. We are coming into cold and flu season, so we have to be very careful with his immune system being weak and compromised. Thank you very much for your prayers and encouragement as we walk this ‘scary adventure’ (Brennen’s words) in which the Lord is leading us.”