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Praise in the Park

By August 8, 2015No Comments

Littleton_inlineLITTLETON, Ill.—First Baptist Church is reaching its community by holding its Wednesday night Bible study at a local park for six weeks.

“The nearby community of Rushville, Illinois, has a beautiful town square with a large gazebo,” says Pastor Larry Lindow. “Our attendance at the park is nearly double what our normal attendance would be, and each week we have seen visitors. Some come and join us and others sit where they can hear the singing and the challenge then quickly leave before we can make any contact.”

This is the second year First Baptist Church has held its service in the park. Through the theme “Kingdom Conversations,” the group is studying interactions between Christ and various Bible characters, including Lazarus, Nicodemus, the Samaritan Woman, and Saul of Tarsus. “This gives us the opportunity to teach of Christ and give a clear gospel presentation,” Lindow says. “We also spend quite a bit of time singing praises together. We wish you could all join us and fill up this park!”