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Pastor’s Study Damaged in Sprinkler Malfunction

By March 12, 2015March 13th, 2015No Comments

Pastor Don Shirk’s books dry in the sanctuary after a sprinkler malfunctioned in his study.

BATAVIA, N.Y.—Grace Baptist Church is cleaning up from water damage. On Saturday morning, Feb. 14, a sprinkler head malfunctioned in Pastor Don Shirk’s study due to the extreme cold. Shirk was out of town on vacation, but thankfully the janitor had just entered the building and heard it happen.

By the time the water could be shut off, it had been running for about 20 minutes. Water seeped into the hall and even into the sanctuary. A plea for help went out to the church family, and shortly thereafter, many people began clearing out the study, placing the damaged books (about one-third of Shirk’s collection) in the sanctuary to dry. The church is now waiting to find out how much its insurance will cover to make repairs and replace the books.

Shirk says, “I’ve jokingly told folks that I think the Lord saved my life by me not being here when it happened (I am always in my study Saturday a.m.), because I probably would have had a heart attack!”