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Passion for God Retreat Presents Evidence of Creation

CHICAGO—Teens from two churches in Iowa and Michigan gathered in Chicago for a unique retreat. Recognizing the need for a better understanding of Biblical foundations and apologetics in the areas of creation and evolution, Good News Baptist Church of Grand Rapids developed a “Passion for God” retreat. The goal was to put teenagers in direct contact with evidence of creation, namely the significant collection of fossils and mounts at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

“As believers, we often avoid places such as this because of all of the false teaching,” says James Reynolds, associate pastor of Good News Baptist Church. “But the evidence itself is not our problem. The worldview, or lens, through which we see the evidence is.”

Joining Good News Baptist on the retreat Feb. 17 were teens from Nevada (Iowa) Baptist Church.

Carl Kerby, founder of Reasons for Hope, graciously joined the 40 teens and their 15 sponsors for three teaching sessions. Following each teaching session, the teens were sent to various locations in the museum to do some practical homework. Kerby challenged the teens to take the information they learned and incorporate it into a proper view of the evidence, identifying the difference between “fact” and “opinion.” He also challenged them to speak boldly about their view of creation and God’s design as they engaged others in the museum. When the students returned from their assignments, they participated in a follow-up Question and Answer time with Kerby.

“God continues to use the challenges, opportunities, and conversations from this retreat in the lives of the teens who attended,” Reynolds says. “Please join us in praying that God would raise a generation of teens who see the evidence around us in light of a Biblical foundation.”