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Partnering Together to Bring Ohio Church Ministries Conference

Conference_leadNORTHFIELD, Ohio—Church ministry workers from across the state of Ohio and beyond met for the Ohio Church Ministries Conference April 8 and 9. This annual conference, designed for church ministry volunteers, was a joint venture of the Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches, Summit University, and Northfield Baptist Church.

Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope spoke on theme “Unshaken.” “We’re living in a culture which is increasingly hostile to Christianity, where values are shifting, truth seems fluid, and certainty is too extreme,” conference organizers say. “Yet in this, our faith is unshaken and we can be ready with answers.”

Kerby’s three apologetics messages were complemented by 20 workshops that trained participants in different areas of ministry. Attendees learned not only about apologetics and evangelism but also about church security and responding to emergencies in the church, strategic planning, encouraging teens to serve, teaching Genesis to children, the use of technology in a worship service, and more.

A group of exhibitors displaying resources, including for evangelism and prison ministry, rounded out the event.