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October 2019 Bb Pulse: A Season without Changes

It’s a cool morning in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. My wife, Christina, and I are reflecting on another encouraging weekend of ministry in a GARBC church. The fall season (our favorite) provides a beautiful backdrop for traveling. Though we experience seasonal changes in nature, seasonal changes in doctrine must not occur. The GARBC’s commitment to doctrinal purity and disciple-making remains steadfast. We’re so grateful that you and your church share that commitment.

The October Bb Pulse provides useful tools for your ministry. As servants of Christ, we must never stop growing and learning. We must remain diligent in being well read and widely read.

Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

October 2019 Bb Pulse is ready to view!

Association Updates

  • Mike Hess: New “GARBC Moving Forward” Presentation
  • Mark Johnson: Time for Budget Planning
  • Manning Brown: Welcome, Air Force Chaplain!
  • David Gunn: Strong Students Curriculum Preproduction Begins
  • Chris Hindal: International Partnering Ministries Push Forward
  • Clare Jewell: Residency Grant Approved
  • Retirement Planning for Next Year’s Budget
  • Regular Baptist Events Across the USA
  • Regular Baptist Administrative Team Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Mike’s Picks: Resources for Ministry
    • Cremation
    • Godly Living Women’s Study
    • Things Pastors Should Not Do
    •  Attending Local and State Association Meetings
    • Pastors and Senior Adults
  • Revitalization Newsletter: Begin an Upward Trend
  • Baptist Bulletin Presents Creation: From Ruin to Redemption
  • Tristate Associations Conference: Moving Together for the Gospel
  • Business Leadership Summit
  • Woman to Woman Conference
  • G2G Islam Training
  • Ministry Enrichment Conference: Church Renewal and Revitalization


  • College Scholarship Deadline Approaching
  • Connect with Us on Social Media
  • Plan a Meaningful Christmas Celebration
  • Save $ on RBP Shipping

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