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November 2014 E-Info: A Rare Combination

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e-info_thumbnailSince joining our staff six months ago, David Gunn is a great delight to have as a Regular Baptist Ministries colleague. David’s focus is to provide editorial oversight for the Baptist Bulletin and Regular Baptist Books. In addition, he supervises our Regular Baptist Press VBS product line. David is a rare combination of scholarship, loyalty to the Word, managerial competency, cultural awareness, and to top it off, humor in an erudite sort of manner. I hope you get to meet him soon. In the meantime, you can get to know David by reading the Baptist Bulletin, browsing the blogs/commentary section of, or checking out our VBS. This month’s E-Info makes it possible for you to connect with David and make a new friend. He’s someone worth getting to know.

John Greening
GARBC National Representative


NOVEMBER 2014 E-Info is ready for your viewing!

Being God’s Giver

  • Pray for Persecuted Christians in China
  • Submit Prayer Requests for Fellow Servants

Association Updates

  • Give a Lasting Christmas Gift
  • Council of 18 to Meet
  • Churches Connect with Baptist Bulletin
  • GARBC International Praise Report
  • More News for You!
  • 50th Anniversary Invitation
  • Regular Baptists around the Country
  • GARBC Staff Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Free Training for Teachers of Children
  • Budget Tips for Church Planning
  • Good Stuff Beyond the Baptist Bulletin, Print Edition
  • Impact Your Community as a Chaplain


  • Online Giving Simplified
  • More than Sobriety

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