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Northeast Fellowship Ensures No Churches Are Left Behind

By March 13, 2016No Comments

NEfellowship_inlineWALTON, N.Y.—In its initiative to help churches become more effective, the Northeast Fellowship led a No Church Left Behind consultation workshop for local church leaders. Specifically, the workshop aimed to strengthen churches in their vision for and accomplishment of long-range planning and evangelistic outreach.

The workshops took place in four sessions, with the first two hosted by Pines Brook Baptist Church in Walton, and the final two by First Baptist Church in Marathon.

Pastor Carl Butler from Pines Brook Baptist calls the endeavor “extremely helpful to our church leadership. It gave us tools to evaluate and plan for the future growth of our church, helped us to see where we were falling short in our evangelistic efforts, [and] clarified the needed changes and the proper means to communicate those changes.” Jim Vogel, state representative of the Northeast Fellowship, gave attendees “an array of evangelistic strategies and ideas that broadened our perspective for reaching our community,” Butler adds.