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Need for Repairs Results in Reupholstery Party

BATTLE CREEK, Mich.—When a church needs minor repairs or sprucing up, some people might ignore the issues. But when one member of Calvary Baptist Church saw a need, she decided to address it in the best way possible—by getting the whole church involved.

“My husband and I had been troubled for some time about how the 130 chairs in our fellowship hall were in such disrepair,” says Nellie Briggs. She contacted a professional upholsterer and discovered that the labor would be costly. So she literally took the matter into her own hands: she took apart one of the chairs and determined that she and others from the church could reupholster the chairs themselves.

“I spread the word that we were having an upholstery party, and we had scores of people come help to take off old fabric, cut and sew new fabric, and reattach it,” Nellie says. “Best of all, we had a wonderful time with a wide range of people and we saved about $6,000!”