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Nebraska Conference Addresses Joy in Ministry

GARBC National Representative Mike Hess (left) visits Temple Baptist Church, Lincoln, Neb., after the Nebraska association’s conference.

NEBRASKA CITY, Neb.—First Baptist Church hosted the Fall Bible Conference of the Nebraska Association of Regular Baptist Churches Sept. 25–26.

Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, spoke on “Restoring the Mindset of Joy in Ministry.” Spending time with God in His Word is crucial for maintaining joy in ministry, he says. “That time with Jesus every single day must be our number one priority. . . . The highlight of your day, every single day, must be to be with Him.” While ministering to others, don’t neglect your own soul, he tells pastors.

Hess also shared five key initiatives of the GARBC: reproducing leaders, giving churches hope, encouraging pastors and wives, focusing on discipleship, and creating a Word-centered culture.

Reproducing leaders, Hess notes, is a great need in the GARBC—specifically, for “more men to go into ministry and for more men to be willing to take rescue or revitalization works.” He asked those in attendance, “Who are you investing in? Who are you mentoring that could possibly serve in the future?”

The day after the conference, Hess spoke at Temple Baptist Church, Lincoln, Nebraska. Pastor Jeremy Penrod says the church felt blessed to have Hess speak, as he “can articulate well God’s Word and God’s vision” for the church’s ministry.