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Nebraska Conferees Take a Philippian Joy Ride

OMAHA, Neb.—Four preachers delivered the theme “Joy Ride” at the Nebraska Association of Regular Baptist Churches Fall Bible Conference, hosted by Faith Baptist Church. NARBC pastors Steve Carper, John Hayes, Greg Ubben, and Irv Cobb each presented a chapter of Philippians. They encouraged conferees that joy is attainable even though it can be elusive in difficult life circumstances.

Irv Cobb, pastor of the host church, says, “Sometimes believers look at the Bible like comic books, thinking that they could never be a superhero like Paul, Timothy, or Epaphroditus, but there is no reason we cannot be like them.”

In addition to pastors and church members attending the conference, missionaries and ministry organizations participated and enjoyed sharing their ministries with conferees.

The NARBC Spring Bible Conference is scheduled for April 5–6 at Gretna Baptist Church with speaker Jon Jenks, vice president of training with Baptist Church Planters and state representative of the Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches.