PLYMOUTH, Minn.—When confronted with life’s problems, our typical response is to run. To escape fear, guilt, or temptation, we find ourselves running to things like relationships or careers to find relief and satisfaction.

Faith Taylor, whose husband, Dean, chairs the Ministerial Training Program at Faith Baptist Bible College, offered a different answer. Faith was the featured speaker for a ladies’ retreat held April 28–29 at Fourth Baptist Church, Plymouth, Minnesota. Presenting from the book of Hebrews, she reminded her audience of the sympathy and help available from Jesus, our Great High Priest.

Stressing the theme for the retreat, “I Run to Christ,” Faith exhorted the ladies to endure while facing challenges, encouraging them to consider the rewards of a clear conscience and an eternal inheritance. Karen Goblirsch of Marshall was encouraged by what she learned from the sessions. “As God looks at the condition of my heart, I learned that I need to let Him do the fixing.”

Several other ladies contributed to the weekend of ministry and encouragement. Sandy Capon of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches presented a workshop on intentional relationships, helping to equip women to reach out with the gospel. Cori Stuhr, a member of Calvary Baptist Church, Rochester, Minnesota, shared her journey from a life of drugs and destruction to being “Transformed by Grace.” Jennifer Linscott of First Baptist Church, Marshall, Minnesota, used her experience as a mother of seven to encourage mothers how to be more effective in “Parenting in the Pew.”

Almost 350 ladies attended the retreat sponsored by Minnesota Baptist Association, enjoying clear instruction from the Scriptures, times of prayer and singing, and opportunities for encouragement and fellowship. Faith Baptist Bible College provided a book table with several resources for purchase, and Regular Baptist Press displayed its Kids4Truth Clubs program. “We are so glad we made the trip,” said Laurie Wall of Marshall, Minnesota, who attended with her teenage daughter, Ashley. “We needed this dedicated time to learn more about the Lord.”