ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—GARBC National Representative Mike Hess held a church recognition council June 2 with the leadership team of Prior Lake (Minnesota) Baptist Church. The men met online, with Mike hosting the meeting from the GARBC Resource Center. The recognition council, determining if the church is a properly constituted and functioning Baptist church, was one step in the process of fellowshipping with the GARBC.

Pastor Sam Choi says, “We match up perfectly with the GARBC doctrinally and with the GARBC’s mission. We as a church want to be involved with what this fellowship is doing, and we believe churches are better off when they cooperate together for the gospel.”

Also joining the online meeting were David Strope, chairman of the GARBC Council of Eighteen, and David Gunn, director of Regular Baptist Press. Prior Lake Baptist Church will take the final step of fellowshipping with the GARBC at the GARBC Conference June 29–30, which will be held online this year. There, the church will be voted into the fellowship by conference attendees.

When referring to his church, Pastor Choi says, “The Lord has been kind to knit together a group of people who love the gospel and who love each other.”