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Memorial Baptist Prepares Care Packages for Nursing Homes

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Knowing that the elderly are especially concerned about COVID-19, Memorial Baptist Church is showing love to this segment of its community by preparing care packages for nursing homes.

The church first asked local nursing homes what items residents needed. The staff were thrilled to be asked, says Pastor Tom Wright. The church is preparing care packages filled with items from the facilities’ wish lists and will deliver the packages, then staff members from the facilities will distribute the items.

In addition to sending care packages to nursing homes, the church is saying thank you to its members who are medical professionals by sending edible bouquets from florist shops to those members’ workplaces. The church has also created phone, e-mail, and Facebook teams to regularly reach out to every member of Memorial Baptist.

Like many churches across the nation, Memorial Baptist has canceled its worship services and events until further notice—“a decision not made in fear, but in love,” the church says. “We desire to be a church that cares for our community, and we hope this will be a time where people are drawn closer to our God, who is in control of all of this.”

“We encourage churches to do everything they can to show Christ’s love to those at risk in their communities,” says Mike Hess, GARBC national representative. “Whether that means picking up groceries and running errands for those in high-risk demographics, calling to encourage a shut-in, or providing meals and lodging for stranded students, we should all be looking for opportunities to serve our communities.”