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Memoirs of an Extraordinary Pastor

Guests at the WARBC Fall Conference race to find items, including three left shoes, in a game led by Pastor Jeremy Scott (center, holding mic).

VERONA, Wis.—Memorial Baptist Church hosted the 2021 Conference of the Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches Oct. 17–18.

Speaker Jared Compton explored the theme “Memoirs of an Extraordinary Pastor” from the book of Hebrews.

But before diving into Scripture, attendees played a scavenger-hunt game. Working in two teams, the group would try to find listed items that other guests might have in their purses or wallets, might be holding, or—in the case of three left shoes—might be wearing. (“This is not the offering!” said Pastor Jeremy Scott, who led the game.)

The teams had three minutes to find as many items as they could and bring them to their team leaders (Steve Schultz, state shepherd of the WARBC, and his son Jason) to tally.

Jeremy is pastor of Memorial Baptist Church and the state educator for the WARBC.

The guests then resettled in their chairs for the first of four sessions with Jared Compton. He would speak during those sessions on the book of Hebrews. The entire book of Hebrews. That speaking plan was “a little ambitious,” he told attendees. “But if you’re a pastor, this is what we do every Sunday. We go up to the pulpit with 20 ideas, and we come back to our wives having said two of them.”

Jared has been assistant professor of Greek and New Testament Theology at Bethlehem College and Seminary since 2020, after having served as a pastor of discipleship and pastoral training.

In the final session, he shared what the book of Hebrews says about the role of pastoring a church.

What people need most is Bible teaching, Jared pointed out. People need their “minds filled with, and therefore renewed by, God’s life-giving Word,” he said. “Hebrews prioritizes the Bible, and so must we.”

A common function of pastoring is teaching, Bill Mattox said to the group. Bill is pastor of Meadowood Baptist Church, Madison, Wisconsin, and chairman of the WARBC Council. Pastors live for lightbulb moments, when a look comes across someone’s face, indicating that person understands a truth from the Bible, Bill said. “And there’s been lightbulbs going off all over this room this morning.”