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PLYMOUTH, Minn.—Each fall, Central Baptist Theological Seminary holds a conference “designed to edify and equip believers in the areas of ministry and Christian life.” This year the school invited Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, to speak at the conference Oct. 12.

“Which commandment of Scripture do you think is disobeyed the most among believers?” Mike asked in one of three sessions. In today’s culture, the most disobeyed commandment of Scripture, he says, is perhaps is Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25: “Do not worry about your life.”

“Worry is pointless,” Mike says. “It’s as pointless as a dog chasing its own tail.”

Worry, anxiousness, brooding. These “get in the way of trusting God,” Mike says. “And there is profound, deep joy in trusting God with our lives.”

Instead of worrying, we should take time to consider God’s provisions. “Your Heavenly Father knows what you need, . . . and He will always provide what you need,” Mike says. “And right now, whether it seems like it or not, you have everything you need.”

To be free of worry, “live one day at a time,” Mike advises. He shares this quote from D. A. Carson: “Worry over tomorrow’s misfortunes is nonsensical, because today has enough to occupy our attention and because tomorrow’s feared misfortunes may never happen.”

Don’t worry about what might happen tomorrow or next month or next year, Mike says. “Jesus’ cure for anxiety is for you to leave the future to your Father and trust Him and live for Him today.”

After the final session, Mike held an informal gathering to share his passion for the GARBC. He shared what the GARBC is all about, what it’s doing going forward, and how Christians and churches are never better off going it alone.

Christians “need to lock arm with other believers in a local church,” Mike says. And churches “are better off locking arms with other doctrinally aligned local churches for the purpose of making disciples for the glory of God.”

He adds, “I love the local church and the impact that it’s made in my life and continues to make.”