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Ladies’ Group Supports Camp Manitoumi

GERMANTOWN HILLS, Ill.—Ladies of the Illinois-Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches met for a spring meeting at Germantown Hills Baptist Church March 16. The ladies are part of the association’s Cardinal Regional group, whose purpose is to promote and support Camp Manitoumi. The group comprises churches in Chatsworth, Pontiac, Oglesby, LaSalle, Germantown Hills, Havana, Henry, Peoria, and Utica, Illinois.

Camp Manitoumi, a ministry of the Illinois-Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches, hosts year-round Christ-centered programs for students and families that aim to evangelize the unsaved and promote Christian maturity. Put simply, it’s a fun place to learn the right way to live.

The Cardinal Regional group prays for the counselors, staff, and campers of Camp Manitoumi; raises money for camp projects from within their churches; and looks for financial assistance to help send students to the camp. In addition, the ladies are currently making washer necklaces and pencil toppers to be sold in the camp’s store and are planning clean the camp’s kitchen to help camp staff prepare for the summer season.