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Ken Floyd Speaks at Missions Conference

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—Standale Baptist Church held a monthlong missions conference, inviting a different ministry leader to speak each Sunday in October.

One of those leaders was Ken Floyd, executive director of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches. He challenged the church members to actively minister to their neighbors, even in this day when ways to minister are limited. “What do we do when circumstances make it difficult to serve others?” he asked. Rather than take a step back from ministry or sit back and watch current events unfold, we should “actively engage with others with the truth that will set hearts free.”

Sharing the gospel can take place in our own homes and communities, and one way to begin sharing the gospel is by showing people grace. Showing grace to others is “the greatest opportunity that we have today, because we are believers saved by grace,” Ken says. “God desires for others in our communities to see grace in action in our lives.” Gospel conversations will naturally follow.

“If there’s been a blessing to COVID,” Ken says, it’s that we’ve met our neighbors, and meeting our neighbors is the first step to engaging them in gospel conversations.