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Heidi Robbins Commissioned as Missionary to Peru

Heidi3_inlineCAMP POINT, Ill.—Faith Baptist Church commissioned Heidi Robbins as a missionary under Baptist Mid-Missions in Lima, Peru. She will be teaching missionary children at Fetzer Memorial Christian Academy and serving in teaching, discipleship, and music ministry in a Peruvian church.

During the commissioning service, Heidi’s missionary coworker in Peru, Jim Carlton, gave the challenge to the church, and her father, Pastor Tom Robbins, gave the challenge to Heidi, encouraging her in her new ministry.

The Robbins family has been part of Faith Baptist Church since 1991. Speaking of her parents, Heidi says, “I would not be in Peru today if it were not for their godly examples and consistent teaching from my childhood. They have been my biggest cheerleaders and wisest counselors. They share the bittersweet ‘hellos’ and ‘good-byes,’ but always with the reminder that nothing is sweeter or more fulfilling than serving the Lord.”

Members of Faith Baptist collected an offering designated for Heidi’s teaching resources at school and church.

The morning she departed for Peru, she met with individuals in the church parking lot for prayer. And as she left, church members stood along the roadside with balloons and encouraging signs. “Seeing all the waving people and encouraging signs made a bittersweet moment mostly sweet,” she says.